My name is Vania Mishin. I am multidisciplinary artist and curator in Arkhangelsk, Russia. This is my site with biography, statemant, CV, selected works and other important part of my creative practice.

Short passport:

Name: Vania Mishin (Perchugov Ivan Leonidovich)
Date of birth: 11.11.1998
Place: Arkhangelsk, Russia

I was born in a small provincial town in the north of Russia, in a family of an Orthodox priest. From an early age I kept finding calm in web-space as I figured out that I belonged to queer community. Only there I could feel free. The soviet (reality I lived in) and the Orthodox (family reality) legacies had created tension between the "real" me and the "virtual" me. Both personalities were dear to me. I still keep looking for connection between them in my creative practice.
As a kid i was sent to classes of multidisciplinary art in the Arkhangelsk Museum of Fine Art where I was given love to creation and in particular synthesis of art types. Unfortunately, the barrier to entry the contemporary art industry was high and educational institutions were conservative and old-fashioned, so I used empirical way of learning information and self-educating. Although I had three attempts to get high education, I wasn't pleased anywhere: I realized that self-education was the most sufficient way.
At the age of eighteen after coming-out I was kicked out of my home and I had to earn for life. I did freelance design and barista work, doing non-commercial projects and own creative practice along the way.
At the age of twenty one I went to Saint-Petersburg. I started to work as a curator in Berthold Centre Gallery where I was learning more of contemporary art industry. Half a year later I came back as I realized that Arkhangelsk became for me a place of opportunities and inspiration.
I was accepted in the Contemporary Art Centre "ARKA" with my project. Also I joined horizontal community "Pesochnitza" where we opened an independent self-organized gallery "Par nik". Aside from my curator projects I keep working on my own creative practice. As such, since 2018 I still do an interdisciplinary project called "Reminder of death".

The foundation of my creative practice is within several topics:
  • north (the place I was born in and where I've been living my entire life)
  • spiritual experience (family legacy and childhood)
  • countryside (I come from pomor culture and rural lifestyle)
  • queer (part of my personality)
  • virtuality (native way of communication)
Throughout all of my art constantly appears the storyline of apocalyptic and later post-apocalyptic. It is my personal reaction to reality. Post-apocalyptic period is the focus of my current practices. These are projects created with recycle-art and art where I do not produce anything but compose new objects and exhibitions of found items. All the stories are viewed through the prism of mocumentary and mythologization as I see this as the most honest attitude in expression of mismatch of real and unreal in creative practice.
The central conflict of my works is contradiction of the eastern and the western self-consciousness. When I create the West is exterior and the East is interior while I feel otherwise. In this conflict I often refer to decolonization practices where capitalistic, russian and soviet legacy unconsciously invades my true worldview and kills individuality.
I use various amount of mediums. It is important to me to go from ideas and concepts hence form is secondary to me and comes from possibilities or more clear idea. I have worked with installation, music (bell tolling), performative practice, poetry, choreography, ect.
2021 - until now - Horizontal community "Pesochnitza" (Arkhangelsk) ("Sandbox")
2021 - until now - Center of Contemporary Art "ARKA" (Arkhangelsk) - Project explorer, project curator, artist (art-field research project "Ray-centr" and final exhibition "Select an area")
2020 - until now - teaching practice of multidisciplinary art program
2020 - 2021 - Web journal and community Nega - Curator
2020 - 2021 - Berthold Centre (Saint-Petersburg) - Curator (WoD, and other)
2018 - 2020 - Freelance works with Arctic Art Institute and CSI Arkhangelsk (project for ZKU Berlin, Artctic Art Forum norwegian and international partners, theter "DEREVO" (Drezden/Saint-Petersburg), Shortparis/"AKHE" theater/Didenko/Varnava in festival "Forma" (Moscow), support local artist, "Zona Tabu" festival (Arkhangeksk), International Festival of Street Theatre (Arkhangelsk))
2014 - 2018 - Performance group "Es Sentia"

Middle school №95

Unfinished high education:
2017 - 2018
NARFU - Pedagogy (History and Social Science)

2018 - 2019
ACOCaA - Folk art creativity (Choreography)

2019 - 2020
ACEC - Tailor

Privite education:
2014 - 2020
Maya Selezneva
Privet contemporary dance classes


Community-run media platform «» - Распетух: быть криком в 5:00 утра по местному времени
Contemporary project photography magazine «Grandmama's print» - TO BE THE CRY AT 5:00 AM LOCAL TIME
International creative book by norwegian initiative «Arctic Art Newspaper», 2022 - Digital version


telegram, signal, phone:
+7 999 168 72 81



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